South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire

Metal Detecting Club

Metal Detecting Club


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Land Owners / Farmers

Are you interested in the history of your land? 


Would you allow the club to come on to your farm for a detecting day? We will search your farm fields or land, and uncover your farms hidden history!


Are there objects of historical and monetary value hiding in your land? Now you can find out for free. On your behalf, symdc will be pleased to investigate and carry out a search at no cost to yourself.


Here at Symdc we welcome new land to search and are happy to share any items of treasure on a 50/50 basis.


In return for your kind permission, we would offer to:


- Report all worthwhile finds and findings to you


- Share any finds of treasure or their value with you on the customary 50/50 basis


- Work tidily without leaving a mess, removing all junk and refill all holes


- Respect your property and take care to avoid causing damage, loss or hindrance (we have N.F.U. approved Civil Liability Insurance up to £10 million per member)  


- Abide by any conditions that you may wish to impose - Full discretion is assured


- To protect both you as the landowner and the club searchers we recommend using a simple written agreement, signed by both  parties which can be terminated at any time.


Symdc is a member of National Council for Metal Detecting and carries £10 million civil liability insurance per member, each of whom abide by club rules including NCMD Code of Conduct and Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales.


If you’re interested or you know someone who may be, please contact us!

We would be happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have.


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